Friday, June 22, 2012

Renee Ross: Big Boobs & So Much More

Here's the very popular Renee Ross in a rockin' set from the brand new Scoreland 2.Com. It's easy to see why Renee has had such success in the BBW and Big Boob genres. She is not only beautiful and sexy but her fabulous full body features more dangerous curves than any roller coaster in existence. Judging from the hard-on our boy-toy de jour is sporting in this set, she also knows how to use that divine body in the service of her own erotic desires. We can't help but get the distinct impression that Renee is more woman than the old boy can handle. So journey onward and check out the rest of the story to see just how disarmingly delicious a pair of ginormous tits like Renee's can be. Till next time.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amber Campisi: Yes, Again!

It's as simple as this; If Amber Campisi is going to continue producing ungodly sets like this one, I'm going to continue posting them, OK?. 'Nuff said. Amber is so gorgeous on every level that she redefines our ideas of what 'Smokin' Hot' is all about. One look at her, and we know we are in the presence of perfection. Amber appears as sophisticated and worldly as she is stacked and beautiful, and her incredibly fabulous tits are guaranteed to stop any man dead in his tracks and send his heart rate hurtling into the extreme recesses of the danger zone. And so, unworthy as we may be, let us yet exult in the glory of Amber's deliciously perfect boobs, supermodel face, and phenomenal body, knowing as we do, that it is women like this that make life truly worth living. Till next time.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Shy & Ava: Adult Entertainment Royalty

Not much need be said about these two extraordinary, bra-busting hotties. Anyone who has been scoping the porn scene over the last few years will have seen Shy and Ava all over the internet, and with good reason.  As you can see, their big, delicious boobs are about to pop right out of those tight-fitting outfits. Of course, they'll hear no complaints from any of us, will they?  Both of these girls are among the cream of the adult entertainment industry, and seeing them together in this smoldering set from those naughty boys at Reality Kings just makes it all the more obvious why they are in such demand. So settle in with your favorite liquid refreshment and enjoy this uber-hot moment with Shy & Ava.  I'll be prayin' for ya!

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Beverly Paige: Rising Star of Big Boob Porn

Hail, ye fellow boob-lovers.  Meet the exceedingly well-endowed Beverly Paige.  This is Bev's newest set from those incorrigible horn-dogs over at Reality Kings.Com.  With her smokin' body and her laid-back Girl-Next-Door demeanor, I have a sneaking suspicion that Ms. Beverly is going to be among the most sought after big boob models in the business in short order.  So head on over and check her out.  You've got nothing to lose but your jizz.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sarah Nicola Randall: Big-Breasted Phee-nom

Better have a napkin or two handy, lads, because this Big-Breasted Wonder is Sarah Nicola Randall and she is 100% drool-icious!  This gorgeous girl has it all; a cute, sexy face, a beautiful, huge rack, and a smokin' voluptuous body to top it all off. She's an absolute one-of-a-kind knockout.  Indeed, you'll be hard pressed to find more deliciously perfect huge tits on any woman.  Ahh, Sarah.  Where are ya when I need ya?!  This hot set is brought to you by the good folks over at Busty Pinup Girls, a.k.a. PinupFiles.Com.  If kick-ass boobs are your passion, you'll definitely be hangin' around there for a while.  Till next time, keep it sexy, y'all.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michelle Monaghan: Tried and Tested

Hi-Dee, Lads.  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm starting to have issues with many of the so-called 'big boob' sites out there in cyber-land.  I've been trying to come up with a new update here for the better part of 2 days now, and as I'm surfing, landing on site after site that claims to bring you 'massive mammaries,' I'm saddened to discover that none of the models have any such attributes.  Sure, many are sexy enough, but for the seasoned big-boob lover, that's just so not what it's all about.  But, rather than ranting on, I've gone back to the tried-and-true to bring you the newest update from one of our all-time faves, Michelle Monaghan.  This shoot appears at DDF Busty.Com, and as usual, Michelle rocks the freakin' casbah.  She always looks so HOT, both in her dresses and out of them, and her sex appeal is devastating; off the chart by more than a few clicks.  So enjoy this smokin' spread by a real (and totally luscious) big-tit model, and I'll get back to work trying to bring you more girls that are in Michelle's league.  Believe me, that's a task that's way easier said than done!  Kudos to Michelle, and to the lads, try to keep the mess to a minimum.  Laters.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anorei Collins: Proof Positive That The Lord Provideth

Hi-Dee, Kids.  Feast your eyes upon the totally surreal Anorei Collins.  When she first became a novice, our Hottie de Jour had grandiose ideas about spending the rest of her life in a monastery.  But upon further reflection, she realized that she simply wouldn't be able to live with nothing but the sole attention of lesbian nuns in the service of her incomprehensibly massive and gorgeous boobs.  No sir-ee, when you've got a natural rack of this magnitude, like, I mean, of Epic proportions, you just feel as if it's only right to share it with male and female alike.  But while she was there, Anorei did want to express her gratitude to the Lord for the endowment with which He saw fit to...ehh...endow her.  So witness here Anorei Collins's tribute of appreciation to Jesus as she shows us just exactly what a textbook definition of 'massive mammaries' is all about.  As for all of you mega-boob-lovers the world over, with Anorei Collins, you've just hit the mother lode.  So enjoy Sister Anorei's ritual of thanks for the exceedingly bounteous gifts it has been her unique privilege to receive.  I think you'll agree that they're considerably more than a mouthful.  Now try not to make too much of a mess, and I'll see ya 'round the old quad.  Laters.

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